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We Offer Enclosed Car Trailer Rental

Trailer Rental Services is your affordable solution for moving and towing needs. We help our clients to save their budget on moving and car towing by providing low rental rates. It is much easier to rent it for a day or two instead of purchasing the new one for one time use and waste thousands of dollars. Our goal is to help you to find a low-cost option for any size move by providing the best rental equipment and professional staff.

All our enclosed car trailers are located in gated parking yards and ready for pick up 24/7.  We require customers to return them back to the pickup point. Trailers are in great condition and well maintained. All the trailers are perfect for local and long-distance moves as for housing, cargo and vehicle purposes (muscle cars, SUV’s, luxury cars).

The height is perfect to fit in most apartment garages. There will not be any gas consumption, which makes it just perfect for any kind of distance moving. There is also an option to rent our pick up truck with the professional driver to tow the trailer for you.

We provide several enclosed moving trailer rental types with different length and width. At the moment we prepared for you with our 20 feet, 22 feet, and 24 feet enclosed trailers with a minimum 8.5’ wide body that can hold up to 6,790 lbs. There is a two-day minimum rental with a refundable deposit that we take upfront, valid driver license, electronic brake control module and proof of insurance is a must.

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We offer affordable rates for trailer rental services, so you don’t have to spend weeks searching for the best deal.

Local company

Our trailers are located in gated parking lots in Orange County, CA.


Trailers are not as high as moving trucks and enter easily into most of the garages in the apartment structures.


Our trailers are perfect for towing any kind of muscles,luxury or even sand cars. Whether it is an economy car or a heavy-weight muscular car, we’ll find you the perfect trailer from our garage to haul your vehicle with ease.

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