U-Haul 6×12 Cargo v/s Trailer Rental Services 8.5×20 Cargo

Find Out Why – Our 8.5×20 ft Enclosed Cargo Trailer Is A Better Option To Rent We all know that the 6×12 cargo trailer is the only option to consider when it comes to cargo trailer rentals at U-Haul, as it is their largest covered trailer – a 12 ft cargo, whereas, at Trailer Rental Services we have trailer size starting from 16 ft and above. Our 20 ft enclosed cargo trailer is not only robust and versatile in nature,…

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COVID 19 UPDATE: RV Rentals Growing in Demand During Coronavirus Pandemic.

Travel Trailer & RV Rentals – A New Way of Traveling to Maintain Social Distancing Recreational vehicle aka RV or travel trailers needs no introduction! They are the best companion of people and designed to give the most comfortable accommodation for people. People choose a wide range of RV rentals such as motorhomes, camper trailers, horse trailers, and caravans according to their needs and budget. Reliable, Safe, Personalized and Give Consistent Experience  Needless to say, they are highly reliable, safe,…

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