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    COSTS – are decided based on the information provided by the customer.

    MINIMUM SERVICE – we have 2 days minimum requirement for trailer rental services and 2 hours minimum for the pick-up truck with a driver.

    RESERVATION DEPOSIT – To make a reservation, we require a non-refundable deposit of $300 which is charged by credit card payment, which would be returned after visual inspection of the trailer. A reservation confirmation is sent only after the $300 reservation deposit is collected. We appreciate and respect our customers, however, we are compelled to take such precaution against unexpected cancellations.

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Special offers


We offer affordable rates for trailer rental services, so you don’t have to spend weeks searching for the best deal.

Local company

Our trailers are located in gated parking lots in Orange County, CA.


Trailers are not as high as moving trucks and enter easily into most of the garages in the apartment structures.


Our trailers are perfect for towing any kind of muscles,luxury or even sand cars. Whether it is an economy car or a heavy-weight muscular car, we’ll find you the perfect trailer from our garage to haul your vehicle with ease.

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